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Dolan the Dictator

Further proof of James Dolan's vice-like grip on Knicks nation, pointed out by the gallantly moustachioed Bob Raissman at the Daily News.

At his press conference on Jan. 25, 2006, Isiah Thomas looked out at the assembled notebooks and microphones and, with conviction, stated: "I did not harass Anucha (Browne Sanders)."

And yet that very evening, on MSG Network's "SportsDesk," video of Thomas' riveting press conference never aired. Nor was there one word about the sexual harassment lawsuit Browne Sanders filed against Thomas, the Garden, and Cablevision boss James Dolan.

Dolan, the man who testified he, and only he, makes "all" Garden decisions, could not make the lawsuit vanish from the court docket but he made it invisible on his alleged TV network.

This was just more vintage Garden stupidity. On that January day, Thomas came off as credible and convincing. Instead of presenting this image to the court of public opinion, MSG left it on the cutting-room floor. Thomas was hung out to dry by Dolan. On that day, Thomas needed to put his message out, especially to Knicks fans who tune into MSG.

Instead, Dolan elected to censor it.

The man really has a monopoly on just about everything Knicks-related. Makes me and my little blog feel very underground. I leave you with one thing to remember...