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Z-Bo Shows Up

Word from Alan Hahn is that, for at least one day this offseason, Zach Randolph was with the Knicks. From Hahn's blog:

During the NBA summer league, however, the Knicks used Abunassar's facility for the veterans who came out, such as David Lee, Mardy Collins, Quentin Richardson, Malik Rose, Fred Jones and Zach Randolph. Abunassar raved about D-Lee's work ethic ("The guy can not get enough of the gym") and said Collins was "a worker".

I asked about Richardson, who is coming off the back surgery, but this was back in July when Q was only cleared to start playing basketball. Richardson was only just beginning, so it was difficult to make a judgement (though I remember Q was proud to announce he was dunking the ball like he used to). Abunassar said the team medical staff was monitoring the workouts.

At least we know Randolph did, in fact, make the trip and worked out (for a day). We in the media were hoping to catch him out there, but never did.

Most of the Knicks over the past few weeks have been getting together at the MSG Training Center, several players have told me. The guy I just don't hear enough about is Zach Randolph.

It's good to know that Randolph has made at least some appearance. Like Hahn says, though, I'd love to hear a little more of this.