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The Marbury Chronicles

Howard beck of the New York Times has a fantastic article today chronicling the bizarre spectacle of a summer just had by Stephon Marbury. They get to all the YouTube, blog, and other highlights and really illuminate just how gonzo these last few months have been. My favorite part has to be when Marbury's comments to the Times are included in the article, and even those are off the wall.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had been viewed 281,482 times on YouTube. And Marbury, the Knicks' star point guard, knows what those viewers are thinking.

"I'm crazy, I'm on drugs, I'm high every day," he said, without much amusement in his voice, in a recent telephone interview.

For the record, Marbury, 30, insists he is sane, sober, drug free and, incidentally, as happy as he has ever been. If he seemed a little sideways on the now infamous interview on "Mike'd Up" -- a Sunday night show on New York's Channel 4 -- it is only because "people don't know me," he said.

"They don't see me in my household laughing, bugging out and playing jokes on each other," he said.

If that's not a typo, than "me...playing jokes on each other" could be taken a couple of ways. It was probably just a verbal stumble, but maybe it was a glimpse into his personality...or should i say multiple personalities. Duh-nuh-nuhhhhhhh. All I'm hoping is that Steph gets some Clinton Portis-style characters going this season. Don't let the wackiness end now.