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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors- 1-11-08

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I know this is unusually early for a game thread, but circumstances are a little different today. I have tickets for the game tonight, but not my usual ones from last season (which, incidentally, I don't have anymore). I won these Knickets in a raffle at my camp's staff party over the summer. They belong to my boss, and are apparently unbelievable. The seats are in the third row, perpendicular to the Knick bench. Close enough that I can smell Isiah Thomas shitting his pants and Randolph Morris baking fresh pies and pastries on the pine. If you're watching, look for the curly-haired white kid in a gray shirt sitting in between the basket and the bench.

Anyway, I'm heading into the city pretty early, so I figured I'd get this up now. I'll be back late tonight or tomorrow to recap my close-up experience. Tomorrow's discussion will also include the sudden flood of trade rumors surrounding certain Knicks, so get your discussin' caps ready. Don't put them on yet, just get them where you can see them. Thank you.