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Raptors 99, Knicks 90

Wow. The game itself was typically entertaining yet disappointing, but the experience was amazing. My dad and I went to the Knicks game last night and sat in section 13, row B, a.k.a. the second row behind the Knicks bench (my summer job boss' seats). I have almost nothing to say about the game itself, but here are some notes:

- To give you an idea of how close I was:

And that's the way I saw Jared Jeffries the whole night. No matter how much I called his name or recited his player profile out loud, he wouldn't give me so much as a glance. Fred Jones, Malik Rose, Lee, and Z-Bo were willing to give at least a smile, but Jared Jeffries was cold as ice. There was even a moment in which Jared was sitting on the bench and the PA announcer mistakenly attributed a Carlos Delfino (#20 on the Raps) foul to Jeffries (#20 on the Knicks). I noticed and yelled "keep your hands to yourself, Jared!", but he paid me no mind. And he heard me. He definitely heard me. You saw how close we were.

- Besides the Knick bench, I was close to at least one other pretty noteworthy person. See if you can find his evil head in the crowd:

Big D sat in for a couple minutes in the first quarter then left, only to return in the fourth with Robert Randolph by his side. Incidentally, I told Dolan he was a "fucking c**t" when he walked by. Not loud enough for him to hear me though.

  • Fred Jones' shoes say "SJ 2" on them. I don't know why. Zach's say "Z-Bo".
  • Apparently, my boss has four seats to the game, because two friends of mind were sitting right next to me, having won the same raffle that I did. With all my attempts to get a photo of a Knick looking at me, the best I could muster was this:

My dad got this:

And my friend did the best with this (perhaps the most hollow, terrifying face Malik Rose has ever made):

I was disappointed in my efforts, thinking that I would go home without a money shot for my P&T comrades to embrace. Then, like a blessing from above, Eddy Curry bent over.

Ladies and gentlemen, the money shot.

I like to think that sealed the deal. A few other things...

  • Isiah Thomas whines CONSTANTLY to the refs, about anything and everything. Doesn't matter if he has a legitimate beef. I guarantee he said more words to Leon Wood than anyone on the roster last night.
  • David Lee is incredibly sarcastic. I'm sure it was caught on the telecast, but when his nose got bloodied in the fourth quarter and the whistle wasn't blown, he strolled the length of the court holding his face, repeating "No foul. He didn't touch me." to the refs.
  • Z-Bo got some skinny-ass legs. Marbury too, actually. On the other hand, Q's calves look even meatier up close than they do on TV.
  • I couldn't see what was said between Randolph and Isiah, but it didn't seem to bother Zach for the rest of the night. He chilled on the bench and shared laughs with Curry and Mardy Collins for the rest of the night.

That's all I've got for now. If I find any more choice photos or recall anything of note, I'll post. Peace.