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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards- 1-15-08

Good evening, everybody. How was your day? Mine was fine, thank you. Mostly spent it tooling around with P&T 2.0, which is gonna be pretty fucking neat (once I figure it out).

Anyway, the Knicks are at home this evening, following their unbelievable blowout of Detroit with a contest against the Washington Wizards. The Wiz are coming off a thrilling victory of their own. Oh, and there's some nice, petty beef between me and the boys at Bullets Forever (one of the better team blogs out there), so make sure to talk some shit if the Knicks pull this one out. And if they don' know, just make of Caron Butler's ears or something. That's how we do at P&T.

So, Knicks and Wizards. 7:30. I will be here for the game thread and to recap later on. Should be fun. Get them W's.