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Thursday Pronghorns

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen (or is it just gentlemen? Do we have any female users? If you've got two x chromosomes, speak up). It's an off day for the streaking Knicks, but let's have a look around the interwebs to keep ourselves occupied.

  • This Chris Sheridan piece is Insider, but is currently on free preview, so get to it. This would be the one that mentions the possibilities of a Vince Carter for Jamal Crawford deal, a Larry Hughes deal, or a Zach Randolph to the Bucks deal. It's good to know that Isiah's shot these things down, because if anything like that were to happen, that'd be the final straw. I might just have to get medieval on a motherfucker.
  • SML makes the discovery that, while David Lee doesn't turn the ball over much, he does get his shit sent back more often than most.
  • According to Isiah, the Knicks were "close" to hiring  Patrick Ewing.
  • This has nothing to do with the Knicks, but is as funny as anything I've read in a long while.
  • Some refreshing remarks from Isiah: No deals to be made, no money to be spent, even though Marbury's out. Now we're talking about a man who is notorious can I say this...lying, but I'll do what I can to take his word for it.
  • The pronghorn is the only surviving species from the family Antilocapridae. What other Knicks blog gives you this kind of coverage?
That's all for now, babies. The Knicks are in Washington tomorrow, looking for 4 straight. See you then. One love.