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"The Mecca of Basketball"

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That's what they call New York. Players would give anything to come make the Garden their home, no matter the state of the Knicks. Right?

As Tom Ziller at the Fanhouse has found, that's just not the case. From the Arizona Republic:

Suns guard Leandro Barbosa was fooled by a prankster Thursday with a phone call to his Beverly Hills hotel room.

"He told me to go to the front desk, because there was a message from (General Manager Steve Kerr) that I was traded to New York," said Barbosa, who was still shaken Friday. "It was bad."

Barbosa called assistant athletic trainer Mike Elliott, then ran into assistant Dan D'Antoni, who assured Barbosa that he still was with the Suns and reminded him to use an alias at hotels.

Further proof that the Knicks are a punchline. This makes my head hurt.