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Ron Artest, please leave us the hell alone.

He's back! That meddlesome small forward who (along with his huggable brother) haunted our offseason, has returned to New York with the same sentiment:

"Anywhere I go, I can turn things around, given the opportunity," Artest said. "I definitely would not be opposed to it if that is my calling. I would not be opposed if something would happen [with the Knicks]. But I just want to win a championship."

Let us remember that this is coming from a guy who is having surgery today to remove bone chips from his elbow. Oh, and his hometown fans are salivating at the idea of swapping him for David Lee.

This must not happen. Come February, if I hear of talks between Isiah and Geoff Petrie, kidnappings is gonna happen. Be warned.

Game thread for Knicks-Kings will be up later this afternoon.