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Knicks 88, Heat 84

I know everybody's gearing up for football, and I am too, so I'll keep this brief. The game was ugly, but the Knicks tightened up their defense to overcome a deficit and beat the Heat in Miami last night. Nate Robinson came off the bench for 19 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds to give the Heat their 13th straight loss. Two of the points and one of those rebounds came on what may be the highlight of young Nate's career.

There's only one way to describe that. A few other things of note:

  • Clyde may have been sporting his best outfit of all time. It was an Easter Bunny-pink jacket with a maroon shirt and purple tie underneath. If this isn't already being done, MSG needs to provide us with a nightly picture of Clyde's wardrobe.
  • In the second quarter, Jason Williams suddenly decided he wanted to be a tenacious defender, and spent a few minutes humping Jamal Crawford up and down the court. JC finally triumphed by lowering his shoulder, dropping Williams to his ass (no call), and sticking a jumper over his prone body.
  • Nate hit a very difficult running bank shot in the clutch that ended up sealing the deal. I can't read lips too hot, but when MSG showed a shot of the bench, I'm pretty sure Humpty was screaming "5'9''! 5'9''!"
That's all I've really got. It was nice to see the Knicks tough one out and get a win on the road. Don't look at who we're playing next though, because it's the Celtics. I told you not to look. Enjoy some football today. Peace.