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Tuesday Tasmanian Tigers

Como estan, bitches? We've got ourselves a couple days off until the Knicks play again. Here are a few things to pique your interest for the time being:

  • We'll start with a little anecdote. Today was my first day of second semester classes. I'm sitting class, doing my thing, when I get a text message from a good friend of mine from back home that reads: "did vc and williams get traded to the knicks?". Naturally, I dropped a dump in my pants and began a frantic back-and-forth text chain. I had a good half hour of class in which I had to sit and begin to cope with the Vince Carter era. Now I'm back in my room, and having feverishly checked all the news and rumor websites, can't find mention of this anywhere. I've yet to learn whether this was a practical joke or a mistake, but there's gonna be hell to pay.
  • If you haven't read about it yet, here's Ken Berger on throwing down with some Knicks personnel.
  • Matt at Hardwood Paroxysm thinks that David Lee and Renaldo Balkman are among the 20  players that need to be set free from their miserable teams. How about we set everyone else free and keep Humpty and Lee?
  • Here's a little analogy for ya: Tony Romo is to Jessica Simpson as the Patriots are to the Celtics.
  • If you're incredibly cheap and were waiting for the $15 dollar Starburys to drop in price, your day has come. (Found via TrueHoop.)
  • The thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, is unfortunately extinct, but undoubtedly badass. Spill some champagne today for the Tasmanian Tiger.
  • More from HP: Metaphors for the Miami Heat. If you can guess which one is mine, you get a free P&T mouse pad. And by that I mean you can take a blank mouse pad and write "Posting and Toasting" on it without me SUING YOUR ASS.
  • Russ Bengtson of SLAM has a list of maybe-deserving guys that have never made an All-Star team. Try and guess which two Knicks are on there before you go.
  • UPDATE: A late submission: SML's breakdown of the first half of the Knicks season.
That's all for now, monitos. TTYL.