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Thursday Sifakas

Hello everybody. The Knicks (and, consequentially, we) are in our last day of rest before an extended stretch of constant game action, including a fat West Coast road trip that starts Sunday. Let's take a nice stroll about the interwebs before our long run of straight threading and recapping.

  • First of all, the sifaka is an immediate entry into the P&T Badass Mammals hall of fame. They are a species of lemur found only in Madagascar, and get from place to place by a motion that mostly closely resembles the electric slide. Seriously. Watch this video.
  • Here's Brian Cronin at Knickerblogger with an outstanding piece on the lucrative status of "20 and 10 guy" that has allowed a player like Zach Randolph to neglect important facets of development.
  • SML with still  more evidence of the Knicks' joke-butt status.
  • In his (free for now) Insider article on NBA sophomores, David Thorpe makes no mention of Renaldo Balkman. Justified? Maybe, but let's just say I'd take Humpty over J.J. Redick 11 times out of 10.
  • For an undersized, defensively inept puller of chairs, Malik Rose sure is a great dude, and just doesn't deserve the misery of getting $7 million a year to chill on the Knick bench. Whatever. Let's not forget that we're talking about a man who produced the single most harrowing expression in human history:

    Just sayin'.

That's it for now, children. Sixers tomorrow. Peace.