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Warriors 106, Knicks 104

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

So close. The Knicks came so close to kicking off their West Coast swing in style, with a win over the wild Warriors. Alas, close only counts in darts and dentistry, and the Knicks instead head to Los Angeles 0-1 on the road trip. The Knicks kept up all night, playing decent defense and moving the ball to lead by as much as 10. But the Dubs got hot, the Knicks cooled off, and Oracle Arena was rocking as Golden State pulled through. Game notes:

  • While I'm not quite ready to say I want him on the floor, Mardy Collins did a pretty nice job staying in front of Baron Davis in the first half.
  • I think he's a solid announcer, but Kenny Smith has to be the most argumentative commentator there is. It seems like once a game he comes up with some bold but vague statement and defends it to the death. Last night he asserted that Baron Davis was a good defender but not a "game-changing" defender, and that he was a star but not a "superstar". I can sorta see where he's going, but when after 10 minute of arguing I, like Gus Johnson, was ready for him to just shut up.
  • I think Eddy Curry might be growing a West Coast beard. I can't even imagine what that's gonna look like, but I'm so excited.
  • David Lee's consistent inability to get a hand up on a shooter just baffles me.
  • Nate Robinson's dad, Jacque, was in the house. He used to be a running back at Washington, and from the footage MSG showed, looked to be as reckless and fun to watch as his son is.
  • Kenny Smith must think all the Knicks are narcoleptics, because he described just about everything the Warriors did as lulling them to sleep.
  • I love the Warriors. I really do. But watching them stage a comeback while the Oracle is shaking with noise is infuriating. We definitely got a small taste of what Mavs fans felt during last year's playoffs.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw the Warrior mascot spraying silly string all over a lady in a Walt Frazier jersey, but I can't prove it.
  • It bugs me how Kenny Smith qualifies his statements by saying "you know I'm not a stat guy but...", and then makes some wild guess about how many shots the Warriors take in a game.
  • The stat of the night was Andris Biedrins' 26 rebounds. I usually wouldn't think of rebounding as something fun to watch, but the man was everywhere. It was cool. Props to Andris.
That's all I got for ya. The Knicks probably should have had this one, but given the way they were playing a month ago, it's nice just to see them compete. If my notes didn't suffice (what, griping about Kenny Smith's announcing deficiencies doesn't count as good analysis?), I suggest you check out our friend JoshL's recap over at his house. Good stuff. Back later. Peace.