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Tuesday Fossas

Happy Tuesday, children. The Knicks are in L dot A dot tonight to face the Lakers. Let's wander about the interwebs a bit before the game.

  • The Knicks: young, bad.
  • If this is an accurate indication of what Starburys do to your ankles, then I fully support Steph's decision to have surgery. (Tip of the hat to Kelly Dwyer).
  • The fossa is a tree-climbing relative of the mongoose native to Madagascar. It's also a ferocious hunter and extremely agile. You might say its the Renaldo Balkman of the forest.
  • A bizarre picture of David Lee fronting a bottle of Vitamin Water. First thought: If a bottle were a person, the cap would be the head, right? Well Lee's ass-checking this bottle so hard that the cap FELL OFF. Wouldn't that be the equivalent of decapitation? I don't want my kids seeing this. Second thought: the only person I've seen Lee defend like that is Yao Ming, so the bottle is Yao Ming. Therefore: This advertisement is promoting the beheading of Yao Ming. Despicable. (Tip of the hat to SML)
Game thread coming later. Enjoy your day.