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Kings 107, Knicks 97

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So I only watched the first half. I am watching Knicks in 60 right now, if only to prove my own devotion to myself, but I just couldn't stomach it the first time around. I'm mostly watching the replay to see the Zach Randolph headband-throwing ejection that apparently happened in the third quarter. I do have some notes, but let's just go over a few assorted thoughts.

  • Stephon Marbury returned, if you haven't heard. He looked a little shaky at first, but eventually got his shit together. Maybe you're more skeptical than I am, but it really looks to me like he's still quite consumed with grief. Poor dude.
  • David Lee's numbers (11 and 12 in 28 minutes) were nice, but his defense is so miserable it's baffling. Quicker guys like like John Salmons and Dahntay Jones repeatedly blew right by Lee, while Brad Miller and Mikki Moore could just go over him.
  • Eddy Curry bricked a dunk as badly as you can brick a dunk. Like, the ball shot up about 40 feet in the air.
  • Mikki Moore's real name is Clinton Moore. If he'd just gone with Clinton instead of Mikki, he'd never have had to play in the D-League.
  • If there was ever a game that demonstrated the fact that chemistry and heart beat talent and experience, it was this one. We had former all-stars and high draft picks getting completely outplayed by the likes of Beno Udrih (the Slovenian Ethan Hawke), and John Salmons (the 6'7'', black Ethan Hawke).
  • Eddy Curry and Justin Williams went to high school together.
  • Wilson Chandler checked in in the second quarter and STARTED the second half, while Renaldo Balkman didn't see the court until the fourth quarter.
Fuck, and now they didn't even show Randolph's headband throw. Forget this, I'm out. We'll talk tomorrow, kids. Peace.