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Thursday Chuditches

Heyyy. Happy Thursday, y'all. It's a much-needed off day for the travelin' Knicks, so let's get to some assorted gems from the internet (web gems?).

  • With the Knicks in Portland for the first time this season, I'm not looking forward to hearing all about the Zach Randolph deal and the Blazers' subsequent turnaround. Doesn't sound like Isiah is either.
  • A fancy, mathematical way of telling us what we already knew: Malik Rose sucks. (Incidentally, by this same measure (WoW), David Lee is our most productive player. (Tip of the hat to TrueHoop)
  • Magic Johnson on the Knicks:
    "They're going to make the playoffs. I think that they're going to be a tough eight or seven seed, too."
    Seth on Magic Johnson:
  • Isiah Thomas isn't looking to make any deals, and is also looking to deal for Jason Kidd. Fair enough. What's that? You see a little inconsistency there? That's funny...
  • By the way, if Jason Kidd is ever a Knick, I might eat my own spine.
  • The chuditch, or Western Quoll, is a badass nocturnal predator native to Western Australia.
  • In response to this headline...ok! Where's he at?
That's it for now, cousins. The Knicks are in Portland (I couldn't think of a cool nickname for Portland. P-Town?) tomorrow. Get psyched. Peace.