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Riffing on James Dolan

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Steve Adamek today made reference to a James Dolan quotation I'd never really taken time to think about. Here it is in context (worth reading, if just for a hearty retrospective guffaw). The quote:

"It's his ship to steer," Dolan said, "his ship to make go fast, his ship to crash. His ship."

JD is obviously making reference to Isiah Thomas, the skipper who just happens to be making Knicks nation rather seasick these days. But what really got me was an element of Dolan's role that's puzzling. See, he's got a vice-like grip on this team. Despite some very lively efforts from other parties, JD refuses to even entertain the idea of selling the team, often reaching dictatorial measures to conserve his ownership and quell naysayers.

But at the same time, Dolan has nothing to do with this team. You almost never hear him comment on the players. He's at the games but doesn't appear to care. We don't even know if he likes basketball. Kinda makes you wonder about the Isiah situation. Is Dolan so opposed to having a hand in the process of the team that a stubborn, directionless coach is his saving grace? Isiah certainly does allow him to maintain distance, all while maintaining full ownership. How could someone so attached be so hands-off? Is there a hidden motive I'm not seeing? Is he just crazy? I'm interested to see what you guys think.