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Game Thread: Knicks at Bulls- 1-8-08

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Well, hello P&T Nation. I've just realized that, in spite of all my griping and pondering, I haven't sat down and watched a Knicks game start to finish in quite a while. So, regardless of how I feel, tonight's game in Chicago will get the full treatment: game thread action and a complete recap, just like the good old days when we were a 30-win team. In general, I should be paying a lot more attention to the Knicks, regardless of how much they suck.

So yeah. Knicks, Bulls. Tonight in Chicago. Luol Deng is uncertain, but the Bulls have been a little more energized since Scott Skiles got shit-canned. Funny how that happens.

Anyway, I'll be here for the thread (tip-off is at 8:30). Hope a few you come and join. Get them W's.

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