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Knicks 105, Bulls 100

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(AP Photo/Brian Kersey)

As much as I've given into draft-watching, a win sure does feel nice. Playing a Luol Deng-less Bulls team, the Knicks overcame a double-digit deficit and some early rebounding woes to end their losing streak in Chicago. Game notes:

  • Clyde's jacket was like nothing I've ever seen. It was mostly green with some yellow and blue and maybe even some red threads in there. It kinda looked a circuit board as seen through thermal vision.
  • I don't know much of Clyde's family, but apparently his son and ex-wife live in Chicago. Quite a bit of homecoming when the Knicks visit the Bulls.
  • I think Jim Boylan could be the third Van Gundy brother.
  • Mark Aguirre and Herb williams were wearing matching gray suits. I like to imagine them deciding on coordinating outfits during a giggly late-night phone call between hotel rooms.
  • David Lee hosted Joakim Noah on his recruiting visit at Florida. Having had a number of recruits come by my room (my roommate plays soccer), I gotta wonder what those two were up to that night.
  • So...Aaron Gray. He's pretty decent, and completely unique. I've never seen a guy throw down a blistering tomahawk dunk (though I doubt he does that a lot), then walk away with the biggest, cuddliest smile I've ever seen on his face.
  • Joakim Noah airballed a free throw.
  • I'm not a big fan of players yelling "and one!" while they put up a shot. I'm looking at you, Zach Randolph.
  • The Knicks got fucking pasted on the boards in the first half. The Bulls snaggled every single goddamn offensive rebound.
  • Speaking of which, Isiah's ability to chill on the bench while shit goes awry continues to amaze me. Botched inbound pass turns into a clear path foul going the other way? Sitting peacefully. Blown rebound turns into a Ben Gordon three? Doesn't move a muscle.
  • You know how they blur out the boobs in movies on basic cable? Well, I've come up with another use for that. Behold. (Done shittily with Powerpoint).

    For mature audiences.

  • Mike Breen hated "There Will Be Blood". In case you were wondering.
  • If you goaltend a free throw, it's two points, not one. Joakim Noah did this (it was later waived off), and it made me curious enough to pitch an email to Henry Abbott. Breen later answered the question.
  • I've never heard a dunk called a "stuff shot". Thank you, Clyde.
  • Ben Wallace was as shot-shy (trigger-sad?) as anyone I've ever seen.
  • The game's clinching play was typical to this season. With the shot clock winding down, Curry found himself doubled and in a pickle, coughing up the ball. However, while the loose ball was in the air, he managed to slap it to a wide-open Marbury, who iced the thing with a three.

    A Couple Noteworthy Individual Performances

  • Eddy Curry was pissed off, and expressed his hostility with a game-long barrage of finishes around the basket. He even made up for generally shitty defense with 4 blocks (including an absolute assault of a Tyrus Thomas dunk attempt). 29 points (11-14) and 8 boards for the big fella.
  • Nate Robinson took a couple bad shots, but was fantastic cutting into paint and feeding the big guys. He finished with 10 dimes, and also played pretty solid man defense on Duhon and Hinrich.
And that is all, boys and girls. Back at your sweet asses tomorrow. Peace.