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The Battle for the 3 Spot

Knickerblogger's got a great post up today regarding the starting small forward position. Mike statistically demonstrates that Wilson Chandler has been soundly outplaying Quentin Richardson in preseason action. Not that you need the stats if you've been watching Q sling threes all over the rim in the past three games. Now, three exhibition games don't tell the full story, but Wilson's recent play and Mike D'Antoni's preferred style lead me to agree that Chandler should and very well may start this season. I'm still not totally sold on his shooting improvement. Those threes he hit on Tuesday just didn't look like they should've been going in. If that shot is coming along, though, it's no contest. Wil's athletic as hell, can play some D, and tirelessly chases rebounds on both ends of the floor. I think Chandler's also got a better shot at guarding multiple positions. In different lineups, he's got the mix of size and agility to match up with shooting guards and rangy power forwards alike. I don't know if you can say that about Q, who's a gritty defender but a bit land-locked at this point.

That said, it's worth mentioning that Richardson has some plusses of his own. Q's by far the more vocal of the two. On a squad with an iffy point guard situation, that's not to be forgotten. He's got (ostensibly) a smoother shooting stroke and has proven that he can cause problems for the league's superstars. Q also has a history with Mike D'Antoni, for whatever that's worth.

In summary, Wilson Chandler is faster, more athletic, more versatile, and more down with the Jews than Quentin Richardson, and therefore gets my starting nod.

So that's my terribly biased opinion on the situation. What do you think?