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Don't make stuff up about a guy with a blog...

First, it deserves mention that the Knicks were victorious last night in Boston. I (and seemingly all of P&T) missed it, but the Knicks appear to have won in a different fashion than in previous games. The threes weren't really falling, but there was a free throw parade, with the team as a whole making 34-43 free throws. Your best bet is to check out The Knicks Blog's recap of game action and a conversation with Donnie Walsh himself. Also visit Green Bandwagon's recap for the Boston perspective.

On to cooler things. Perhaps you saw this article of Marc Berman's the other day citing a bit of locker room tension between Jamal Crawford and Stephon Marbury. A refresher:

On that note, there was another telling moment in the locker room tonight Stephon Marbury told a writer to move away from inside his locker-room cubicle as he emerged from the shower. The two had an exchange, nothing big. The more telling part was Jamal Crawford motioning to a couple of media members to check out the scene. It's apparent which combo guard wants Marbury out of town.

I didn't really mention it when it came up, cause...well...yeah. Unfortunately for Berman, Crawford's got a little corner of the internet of his own, and responded promptly:

The headlines read, "Crawford Doesn't Want Marbury Around." So if you read the story that came out in Marc Berman's blog, he goes on to say that while a writer was in front of Stephon's locker when Steph got out the shower, that there was some sort of argument and I'm in the background telling people to watch those guys argue.

Problem is the story WASN'T TRUE!!!


I say, "Marc, you can say I'm terrible, I'm weak, I'm a bad player...anything.You have that right. But don't lie on me."

I explain the situation to him and the same story from the locker room that night that I just told you guys and he says, "I was told that's what happened." I said, "So you didn't actually see it? This is just what you've been told. You've been around me four years, have I EVER did anything like throw a teammate under the bus?" He says "No," so then I said, "So why would I do it now? Why, when were trying to build team chemistry, do something like that?"

He couldn't really answer me, so I said, "Well, now I'm going to have to write about you on my blog." So there it is! Haaa...

'Atta boy, Jamal.