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P&T Video: Conversations with the Knicks

So, I go into training camp expecting a brief interview with Jamal Crawford and instead am faced with like half the roster at my disposal. Let's just say I dropped the ball. Here's me talking with a number of your favorite Knicks about, well, mostly shaving their heads. Keep an eye out for Jared Jeffries' poor manners, Danilo Gallinari's sheepish smile, my strange tendency to repeat everything everyone says, and my hott FreeDarko threadz.

Yes. That's what I look like. Share your disappointment in the comments. Also, if you guys have any P.C. and well-intentioned questions you'd like me to ask the guys, serve 'em up. If you can't tell, I'm generally airing on the side of humor. I'll leave most of the basketball questions for the real writers. I'd rather use this opportunity to endear the team to their fans, ya know? I should be back at practice tonight for more footage and (hopefully) interviewage, so sit tight.

Update: Forgot to mention, the sound's messed up at the beginning of the Crawford interview. It goes away.