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Ewing Jr. is the final cut.

We all sensed it was coming, but the news was made official today. From ESPN:

Ewing's contract was only partially guaranteed for the league minimum of $430,000, although Walsh said money was not a factor in the Knicks' decision to cut him.

"In the immediate future, shooting could be a problem for this team," Walsh said.

D'Antoni had said that the fact that Ewing's father is a Knicks legend could not be ignored, but it wouldn't factor into the decision. Patrick Ewing is a Hall of Fame center and the Knicks' all-time leader in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots and steals.

"I think he's a lot better than what I thought he was, and I think he has a chance to make the NBA," D'Antoni was quoted as saying in Monday's New York Times, before Ewing's release was announced. "I think he's got work to do. Would he help us on the floor this year? I don't know."

It's a real shame. Mini-Pat was one of the cooler guys on the team, and he brought that perpetual possibility of a Sports Center-worthy dunk. Especially on a team that's already taken some injury hits to the frontcourt, Ewing may have garnered some playing time. That said, keeping Anthony Roberson instead was more fiscally responsible (or so I hear), and A-Rob has more clear-cut NBA skills (that silky jumper) to offer. The roster is now down to 15, meaning we're ready to go for Wednesday night. The article goes on to indicate that Duhon and Crawford are the expected backcourt starters.

Anyway, P&T wishes the best of luck to Ewing Jr. There's more to him than just the name, and I'm sure he'll reemerge somewhere before long.