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Jared Jeffries Out 6-8 Weeks

I missed out on practice yesterday, and now learn that I missed Jared Jeffries getting himself quite a boo-boo. Frank Isola:

The Knicks announced Thursday night that Jeffries had broken his left leg during a scrimmage Thursday and will be sidelined for six to eight weeks. According to the club, Jeffries suffered a fractured left fibula and will not be available to play until at least mid-November.

The injury was a devastating blow to Jeffries, who was emerging as the possible starting center in D'Antoni's up-tempo offense. Just a few hours before the injury was diagnosed, D'Antoni had praised the six-year veteran and hinted that Jeffries could supplant Eddy Curry in the starting lineup.

It's a real bummer for Jeffries, but...what now? Starting center? I trust Mike D'Antoni and his unorthodoxy, but I could demonstrate in one game of HORSE that Jared Jeffries is no Boris Diaw. I suppose that's besides the point now. We won't be seeing Jared for some weeks into the season, so the starting center will have to be someone else. Curry still hasn't been to camp, which makes me wonder who else might be looking at a starting 5 bid. If Coach is really looking for a Diaw doppelganger, maybe Lee or Gallinari? If Jeffries had a shot, we can be sure that D'Antoni's casting a wide net. More on this as it comes.