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Pain Train Makes a Quick Stop in New York

Nothing major, but going in to tonight's contest against San Antonio, we've got a couple nagging injuries to mention. First off, Danilo Gallinari's back is acting up again.

The pain level in the Italian Stallion's lower back and leg increased the past few days, causing growing concern among the team's medical staff that new treatment may be needed for the 6-foot-10 forward from Milan, who was selected sixth overall in this year's draft.

The source said a new diagnosis is not expected, but the increased level of pain is a bad sign and could imperil Gallinari's season. Coach Mike D'Antoni took Gallinari out of the rotation after the second game because of ineffective play, but hoped to eventually spot him in.

Sounds like Danilo won't be around on this mini road trip, and that we might not be seeing much of him in the near future. It's a shame, but better to get him healthy than set him way back so early on. Meanwhile, a more active Knick is having some problems of his own. 

David Lee did not practice yesterday and told The Post he has been suffering from a bone spur in his ankle for three weeks. Lee said he will play through the pain and the spur is too small to require surgery.

That might explain some of his troubles around the basket and low rebounding numbers. Lee is expected to play tonight, so it sounds as if it's nothing to worry about for the time being. Doesn't make us any more equipped to handle Tim Duncan, though. Anyway, tipoff's at 8. Your game thread will be up in a couple hours.