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Knick Lookalikes, From Their Own Perspectives

I'm sure you all miss the Sunday Lookalikes in these parts, and sometimes I think about bringing that feature back. In the meantime, though, how about hearing who the Knicks themselves think they resemble? Check it out.

First of all, to Jared Jeffries, anybody who says you look like Kobe is either blind or ignorant. Roberson and T.I. isn't bad at all, and the idea of Mardy Collins being Jason Alexander is hysterical and somehow appropriate. If I had to compare Crawford to anybody, it would probably be Lupe Fiasco. We're also missing the very easy Mike D'Antoni-Pringles Guy parallel. As for Chris Duhon, Jaleel White isn't a bad comparison, but the real lookalike is easy.

Any other Knick lookalikes you can think of?

UPDATE: I had the wrong video up before. The right one is there now. My bad.