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Garnett Out Tomorrow Night

Well, they're still heavy favorites, but the Celtics will be out at least one of their dangerous stars for tomorrow night's game with the Knicks. Word has it Kevin Garnett's been suspended for some extracurricular rough-housing with Andrew Bogut in the C's last game. What does this mean for the Knicks? Well, Boston still has legendary Knick-killers Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, but there's at least a shred of hope that it won't be a complete blowout. The big men can focus on boxing out the feisty Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe, and Wilson Chandler won't have to lose sleep tonight over the prospect of hanging with KG. Though Quentin Richardson will likely draw the initial assignment of Paul Pierce- a matchup he always relishes- look for Wil to log some minutes against Pierce just to give him a different look. Again, I wouldn't leave the bomb shelter just yet, but this news does provide some hope that we might not have to recover from this once more.