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BREAKING: Al Harrington to Knicks Reportedly In The Works

From Newsday:

The Knicks appear to be close to landing athletic forward Al Harrington from the Golden State Warriors in a trade that possibly could send the team's leading scorer, Jamal Crawford, out to Oakland, Newsday has learned.

Details of the deal were only starting to slip out late last night and the only concrete piece of information so far is that the Knicks were getting Harrington, who Knicks president Donnie Walsh, while with the Indiana Pacers, drafted out of St. Patrick's High School in Elizabeth, N.J., in 1998. Harrington before the season had demanded a trade from the Warriors after a falling out with coach Don Nelson.


The New York Post, who posted a report on its Web site early Friday morning, suggested Malik Rose's expiring contract ($7.6 million) was the player going out to Oakland, which makes far more sense for the Knicks on the court -- Rose is a little-used, though well-respected big man, while Crawford leads the Knicks in scoring -- but not in payroll. Crawford makes $8.6 million this season, though he does have an opt-out in July. If he picks up the option, he has two more years at $9.3 million and $10 million in 2009-10 and 2010-11.

I just woke up and have to go to class, but more on this if and when it becomes official. My original comments on this deal are here. Leave your knee-jerk comments here. Oh, and this report originally comes from Peter Vescey, so, you know...

UPDATE: Is it Crawford or Rose? The implications on the rest of this season are pretty big. Could this possibly be a deluge of Crawford and Randolph in a three-team deal for Harrington, Cuttino Mobley, and TIM THOMAS!? More as it comes.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: It's Crawford for Harrington, it's done, and the Knicks may not be done today. Analysis will come once things settle down and the Knicks themselves makes it official.

MORE: The next step could be that aforementioned Randolph for expiring contracts deal. The GS deal might also include Italian guard Marco Bellinelli, who I think I wanted the Knicks to draft back in the day.


"It's a whole new regime. You can't take stuff like this personally. I got to be professional and not take it personal. I'll be closer to home. It wouldn't be the end of the world. It would be disappointing. When things were bad, I was there. I wanted to be there when things got good.''

Mike D'Antoni:

"Donnie's plan is pretty clear that in a couple of years we'll be under the cap,'' D'Antoni said in Milwaukee. "Everything we do will lead us to the possibility of being under the cap in two years. Then I'll deal with making sure the team is competitive. We're not going to compromise our future because we might take a half-step.

UPDATEBURY: The Knicks Blog is reporting that the Knicks will activate Stephon Marbury for tonight's game in Milwaukee. Apparently this is because another trade will be made that is so ravaging that Steph will be needed to suit up enough guys. That promises to be awkward.

LAST UPDATE?: The second deal is done. Zach Randolph is heading to L.A. it seems, with the previously mentioned expiring friends Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley coming in return.