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Cavaliers 119, Knicks 101

During the halftime doggy entertainment at Madison Square Garden this evening, history was made. One of the "K-9s in Flight", Blitz, was running full speed after a frisbee when he stepped on one of the many used discs that littered the floor. His back paws slipping out from under him, Blitz went airborne and was quickly upside-down and parallel to the ground. Belly-up and probably rather dismayed, he somehow managed to contort his body and swing his head in such a way that, even in his inauspicious flight, he CAUGHT THE DAMN FRISBEE IN HIS MOUTH. It was perhaps the greatest feat of athleticism ever executed in the history of this planet. And I was there. On November 25, 2008, I was at MSG when history was made.

There was also some basketball played tonight, and it really sucked and I don't feel like talking about it quite yet. We'll discuss it tomorrow.