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Why Al Harrington, of all people?

The Warriors' Al Harrington wants out, and you've surely heard some rumors/wishes/wishful rumors that Harrington might end up in New York. I cast these aside for a little while, but now...

Harrington's contract matches the salary of Eddy Curry, who fell out of Mike D'Antoni's rotation even before suffering a knee injury. He is expected to be sidelined for two weeks.

The Knicks are willing to trade Curry, but the Warriors don't appear to have much interest in the former Bulls center. One other possibility would be for the Knicks to trade Malik Rose and David Lee to Golden State for Harrington. Otherwise, Walsh will have to find a third party.

One such team could be the San Antonio Spurs, who have a history of making trades with the Knicks and desperately need additional scoring.

I get the logic. D'Antoniball is running and shooting, and Harrington succeeded in a Golden State offense that was built upon much running and shooting aplenty. Fair enough. That said, what else do we know about this season's Knicks? Well, they're a trifle short (a starting post package consisting of of two 6'9''ers...) and rather unintimidating on defense (...with two blocks between them so far this season). So, I must ask, what's the need for a 6'9'' forward with a penchant for overly gracious defense? (0.2 BPG for his career). Don't even get me started about giving up Lee, who is essentially Al Harrington but with rebounding instincts, undying devotion to his team, and hair.

If we're shopping why not snatch someone who's tall and can block a shot, and may very well eat less payroll than Harrington? Why not Chong Williams? Why not Treebeard, dammit?

This rumor stinks like Isiah Thomas' dirty laundry, and I hope it's nothing more than passing fancy on the part of the media. The Knicks have needs, and Al Harrington most certainly fits zero of these needs. Am I missing the point? Speak up in the comments.