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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Jazz- 11/9/08


The 3-2 Knicks head home this afternoon for Kids Day at the Garden. What's in store for the rugrats? Well, while Mike D'Antoni and his fun-loving Knicks look to frolic and gleefully launch threes, Jerry Sloan's mean, old Jazz would be happiest if the final score was 40-32. Jazz. Boo.

Utah should be without Deron Williams, but its their frontcourt that poses a major problem. Carlos Boozer is an All-Star talent with potent post moves and a Duke education, so, like, he's probably roofied the refs studied a lot of tape to prepare for this one. Meanwhile, Mehmet Okur is a bigtime inside-outside threat who, at 15'2'', is taller than David Lee and Zach Randolph combined. Look out for those matchups, and don't underestimate Ronnie Price's contributions in the backcourt.

Can the Knicks run against the stalwart Jazz defense, or will grump old Sloan give the kids something to yawn about? Tipoff's at 3. Get them W's.

Also, check out the venerable SLC Dunk for the best Utah coverage of today's game.