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Game Thread: Knicks at Kings- 12/13/08


Evening, friends. Your Knicks are in sunny California tonight to visit the 6-17 Sacramento Kings. The Knicks have had a couple days to lick their wounds, so we can expect Nate Robinson (groin) and David Lee (fell from Mount Vinsanity...onto his back) to be well enough to play. The Kings certainly appear to be a worse team than New York, but we've had problems in cases like this before (see 11/21 at Milwaukee and 12/9 at Chicago). If D'Antoni and company want to stay afloat, they'll have to start grabbing the winnable ones on the road, where the Knicks are 3-9. A win tonight would give NY back-to-back road wins for the first time in a while. Here's your thread for comments and partying. A W would be nice. Tipoff's at 10. 

Oh, and about that pic...there's another jersey I'd love to have. Anybody?