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Happy Holidays from P&T!



(A carol for hopeful Knick fans, and especially those who already dropped $25 plus shipping and handling on a Gallinari t-shirt jersey)

Danilo the unproven rookie/ Had a very bulging disc

And if you ever saw it/ You would doubt New York's draft picks (Like '02!)

All of the other players/ Used to laugh and call him names (Like Bargnani!)

They never let poor Danilo/ Play in any meaningful games (Despite having a 7-man rotation!)

Then one foggy mid-season eve/ Coach Mike came to say (@#%$#&^%!!)

"Danilo with your back so shot/ Please sub in, you're all we've got"

Then all the Knick fans loved him/ As they shouted out with glee (For THREEE!)

Danilo the unproven rookie/ You'll go down in history (But not like Frederic Weis did!)


Hope everyone has a great time celebrating Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Jimmy Buffet's birthday. Enjoy your Christmas ham/latkes/whatever people eat for Kwanzaa/cheeseburger in paradise and take it easy. We'll talk tomorrow.