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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nuggets- 12/28/08


Good morning, friends. The Knicks are at home this afternoon for an early match-up with the Denver Nuggets. The Nugs stand at a relatively healthy 19-11, but recent struggles might just give the Knicks a chance to steal this one. And if they can't? The season gets buried deeper, and the chances of ever recovering get slimmer. If the Knicks can't dispatch teams they should beat easily like Minnesota, they'll just have to snatch a few away from better teams.

I'll try and be around to watch this one, but I'm getting new-ass puppy today, and given what shameless attention hogs those things are, chances are slim. If anybody would like to volunteer for a recap, you'd be more than welcome.

For some nuggety coverage of today's matchup, stop by Pickaxe and Roll. Tipoff's at 1. Do it, Knicks. Please.