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Hey Chris Duhon, this one's for you.

When Chris Duhon came to the Knicks, I didn't show him much love. But as he starts to really assert himself this season, his impact is monumental. Du's averages are up to about 12 and 9 a game, and his best performances of the year have come in his last few. Better yet, Du is third in the league in minutes per game, and he's doing it all with a sore back, a bum ankle, and no backup.

So, Chris, I apologize for doubting you. As an ode to your dedication and bravery, this one's for you. Know that your heroics are not forgotten by fans, teammates, and over-the-hill German-American pop sensations. Wait for the chorus to kick in, big guy.

At this point, the Garden has no choice but to play that chorus after Chris hits a basket, don't you think? It's only right.