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Things that have happened in the first half of tonight's Knicks-Cavs matchup:

- The Knicks fell behind 61-35 at halftime.

- Zydrunas Ilgauskas beat the entire Knicks roster down the floor for an uncontested dunk.

- Wilson Chandler shot 1-7. Chris Duhon was 0-5.

- Quentin Richardson got ejected on two consecutive technicals. The Knicks have 3 bench players, and Q got himself ejected in the first half.

- Malik Rose shot a three.

- Yes, he missed it. Why would you even ask?

All of that calls for just one thing. That's right, this season's first appearance of Francis the vomiting man, an old P&T favorite. I had some work to do anyway, so I'll be turning this one off now. I'll check back later.

Update: Cavs win 118-82. Glad I turned this one off. Semi-recap coming tomorrow, unless somebody else had a strong enough stomach to watch the whole game, and would like to share the experience.