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Tuesday Solenodons


Good afternoon, amigos. The Knicks are down 6 straight, and face demon-coach and the Bobcats this evening. This will likely be another (the last) game that I miss, and hopefully somebody can recap if its not too grisly. In the meantime, some things worth looking at:

- A look at the Knicks' hope at avoiding the dreaded "vortex of suck". Summary: it could be worse. We could be demon-coach and the Bobcats.

- Tommy Dee lets us know that Chong Williams has been demoted to the D-League. The Knicks need this guy real quick.

- Why? This is why.

-The new "Knicks notebook" includes kind words from George Karl and a lefty three-point contest between Nate Robinson and Allan Houston.

- Mike D'Antoni wants Al Harrington to smile. I say he's gotta take that slimy-ass mouthguard out first.

That's it for now. Your 'Cats thread will be up in a little. Love y'all.