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Mobley Considers Retirement

Cuttino Mobley hasn't played a game for the Knicks, but with one specialist visit left to go, things aren't looking up. Mobley's "enlarged heart" (which sounds like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the same thing Eddy Curry's got), has been largely ignored by teams throughout his career, but has New York doctors concerned. If these last tests and opinions aren't satisfactory, the 33 year-old Mobley may be inclined to shut it down for good.

Since you're wondering, if Mobley were to retire, it'd save the Knicks 75% of his contract money, which amounts to about $19 million. It'd also open up a much-needed roster spot going forward. We'll see how this goes. Cat would be a nice addition to the Knicks' anemic backcourt, but if he chooses to retire, some options will open up. We wish Mobley the best and hope he'll be able to contribute in the near future.

More on Knicks-Cavs and the schedule ahead coming later today.