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Q&A with Green Bandwagon

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In anticipation of Boston Massacre 2: Cruise Control, I exchanged some Q's and also some A's with Jim from Green Bandwagon. My A's to his Q's are over at GB.

P&T: 1. Glen Davis is rather cuddly, but he's also been pretty effective when I've seen him play. Three-part question: a. Are you ready to proclaim him more than a big, huggable novelty and, in fact, a legitimate NBA Player? b. Are you sure? c. What's with his headshot?


I'm sold on Davis as a player. He's got quick feet, busts his ass on defense, has one of the more developed offensive repertoires on the team and understands the game. Recognizing that you experienced half of the Michael Sweetney era up close, I probably don't have to go too in depth about how much Davis' weight scares Celtics fans. Eddy Curry and Jerome James work there as well. And I swear Davis' weight seems to fluctuate noticeably from week to week. However, he is thinner than he was at LSU and even occasionally gets enough lift to dunk of late. As far as his headshot goes, I'm not entirely sure. He is a class clown type and could have been screwing around. Just watch him get into his Christina Aguilera routine around the 2:20 mark. At the same time he may have been confused. It would be a lot easier to explain if it were David Harrison's photo.

P&T: 2. The Celtics have been rumored as a free-agent destination for the likes of Sam Cassell and others. Do you anticipate/would you support a quick signing to patch up a hole? If so, then who?


In his recent visit to Boston Cassell said he wanted to play for Boston, went out and got ejected for a hard foul on the guy he would back up and then complained that he was misquoted by the Boston papers. And ClipperSteve is quick to remind everyone, Cassell to the Celtics does not make much sense for LA. Still the Cassell rumors just won't die. Meanwhile, Scot Pollard is over the hill, Kendrick Perkins recently hurt his shoulder, Leon Powe and Glen Davis are effective but undersized and KG is hurt and no one wants him to play center. A lot of Celtics fans are quick to call for a big man. But who is out there besides PJ Brown? If a guy is 7 feet and can play it's safe to assume he's on somebody's payroll. In the end I'd be happy to see Cassell join the team.

P&T: 3. Besides the Pistons, does anyone scare you in the East?


LeBron James absolutely terrifies me. The last time he played the Celtics LeBron hit some deep, video game style three pointers. I knew he could finish around the rim and pass when he felt like it. But the new range was unsettling. I also think "LeBroned" should be a verb. Example: The Pistons got LeBroned in last year's playoffs.

P&T: Bonus question. Did you know that Boston has a strength and conditioning coach named Bryan Doo? Do you have any evidence to support my fantasy that Celtics players and coaches call him "Scooby"?


Fantastic question. I actually thought about this one for at least ten minutes. If you had asked me last season I would have said there was very little chance, given how young the Celtics were. On that squad I would guess that Paul Pierce, Wally Szczerbiak and Brian Scalabrine might drop that reference. Of those three Scal would have been the most likely because Szczerbiak took himself so seriously and Pierce was disgruntled. On top of that Scal is a goofy guy. He's got some serious Shaggy potential. Trust me on this one. But this year's edition of the Celtics is much older. Pollard strikes me as a big Scooby Doo guy. KG could go either way. He might be too active to sit still and watch TV. Or he could love it. Although, KG strikes me as the type of guy that lived for Mr. T's cartoon performances. Ultimately I have no evidence. But I imagine it occasionally happens until Tony Allen flies off the handle and demands that everyone make Power Ranger references. And Allen gets so worked up to the point that no one knows if he is serious. As a result everyone drops the Scooby talk and moves on. If you've made it this far I'd like to add that for some reason Rajon Rondo reminded me of Scrappy Doo. This has somewhat damaged Rondo's reputation in my eyes, which I previously thought was impossible. I blame you. And I would feel a lot better if Bryan Doo were named Bryan Splinter and this was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles discussion.

Great stuff. While we're on the topic, I'm fully convinced that Leon Powe is a megazord. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Game thread coming later.