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Be afraid.

From the Daily News:

Thomas provided a jaw-dropping quote Tuesday when he was asked if his goal is to make trades that would help the Knicks to get under the salary cap.

"That's not our goal," Thomas said. "Our goal is to continue to get better, but be mindful of where we are. We've done a good job the last couple years of bringing the number down.

"So we're in a good position. We've got young talent. We've got a cap that's going down or a number that's going down, but you want to turn that into some wins also."

(Tip of the hat to Knickerblogger)

If it's really true that there have been talks of both a three-way Curry deal in which the Knicks would get Vince Carter and a straight-up deal in which the Knicks would get the expiring contracts of Jason Williams and Ricky Davis, then Isiah is truly psychotic. There's no logical reason to be simultaneously considering adding an enormous contract or cutting payroll. That's as directionless as it gets. There's no way Dolan lets Isiah go after Carter, right? Right?

I'm scared to death.