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Deadline Thursday

Plenty to discuss. Knicks or otherwise, it really looks as if shit's about to go down today.

  • This article from the Daily News lists a number of potential deals for Zach Randolph and others. Possible return packages:
    • Simmons, Bell, and Gadzuric from Milwaukee (Absolute dogshit. They all have nasty long-term deals)
    • Nene, who was once a Knick draft pick and has a contract that runs until roughly 2419 A.D.
    • Something involving Tyronn Lue (now a King), who has an expiring deal.
    Needless to say, despite whatever he says, Isiah's working the phones today.
  • Our Magic blogger Ben Q Rock stopped by to mention a possible deal for Carlos Arroyo and Keyon Dooling. Again, I'm not excited to take either of those guys, but as long as they have expiring contracts, bring it on.
  • Elsewhere, one of my favorite players goes to one of my favorite teams.
  • Finally, the trade deadline affects everybody. In an effort to cut payroll, there has been some talk of SB Nation trading me to the You Grow Girl gardening blog for '08 and '09 draft picks. I know it's a business, but damn...I don't know the first thing about planting cilantro seeds.
Anyway, here's the deal. At about noon I'm going to get lunch, and then I'm in class until 3:30. The deadline is at 3. If anything Knicks-related goes down during that time period, I'd appreciate if someone could put up a quick diary to get our early reactions. I'll be sure to jump on it as soon as I return. Also, if a certain VC becomes a Knick this afternoon, please get one of those big missiles they shot at the satellite and set it on course for the psychology department at Skidmore College. As I burst into flames, I'll know that this is a world in which I no longer want to live. Thanks.