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Knicks 103, Raptors 99

This isn't much of a recap, really. I did manage to catch the whole game, but don't have any substantial comments to make. The Knicks looked pretty rejuvenated after the deadline, the Raptors couldn't buy a bucket, and things favored the home team down the stretch. Jamal Crawford went absolutely bananas, cashing 43 points, and connecting on 15 of 29 preposterous shots. It was one of those nights where instead of covering my eyes when Jamal eyed contested 25-footers, I was yelling "take it! Go for 50!". Not to be overshadowed are splendid games by  Zach Randolph (26, 15, and 4) and David Lee (8 and 13). Eddy Curry was an assistant coach once again, logging only 9:29 on the court. Anyway, it was nice to see the Knicks compete, especially after predictably falling behind early. These two tangle again, this time in Lé Toronto, tomorrow night. I'll have your thread (and hopefully some links beforehand) on the 'morrow. Have a good night.