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Monday Guanacos

Hey all. A few things to get to on this glorious Monday. Let's take a look:

  • This Berman article is titled "Eddy Boils After Loss", which seems a bit dramatic, but Curry is getting pretty restless with his relegation to the bench. From the above:
    Eddy Curry's frustration level reached a boiling point yesterday as he claimed he's "not going to change who I am" - and questioning whether his style still "fits in" with the Knicks.

    Curry also said he disagreed with coach Isiah Thomas' "small man's game" excuse and would like to see Thomas use him more as a tandem with Zach Randolph.

  • The Knicks had no part in this, but David Crockett at Knickerblogger shows how the East is improving: by getting younger and stacking up draft picks. Just like how the Knicks should get better.
  • Found on Son of Dippin: a rare picture of the dictator. (Some advice: Don't email Henry Abbott accusing him of being in the far right of that picture and not beating Dolan unless you're sure it's him).
  • The guanaco is a llama-like beast native to South America. "They are extremely striking with their large, alert brown eyes, streamlined form, and energetic pace". Sounds like Nate Robinson.
  • SML pointed out this crunch time breakdown at 82Games. Jamal Crawford: .257 in the clutch!
  • Ken Berger sees a Knick savior in either Kiki Vandeweghe or Rod Thorn. Interesting.
That's all for now.