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Kiki Vandeweghe will let you cop a feel on the first date.

So, apparently Steve Mills and Kiki Vandeweghe went on a little date Monday night. They took in a movie, sat next to each other, and word has it Steve even got to second base. Props. This does lend some credence to the theory that Vandeweghe, whose contract expires in June, is a candidate to overthrow Isiah Thomas. Anonymous league source (meaning it could very well be Othella Harrington's masseuse):

"The NBA is pushing Kiki for that job. It sounds like it is a foregone conclusion that something is going to happen over there at the end of the season. Kiki makes a lot of sense."

Hey, Vandeweghe did a nice job in Denver, and anyone's an improvement over Isiah Thomas. By the way, one more quotation from that article that just screams of 6th grade romance:

"Kiki is a safe play for Steve," says a Knicks source. "They might be intimidated by Jerry and Donnie."

Priceless! For something more intelligent, check out SML.