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Game Recap: Nate Robinson and Meredeith Vieira 5, Flint Tropics 2

Skip to about 3:45 for the opening tip.

In a dazzling exhibition of sharp guard play, Nate Robinson led his team to an exciting 5-2 victory over Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson. Game notes:

  • I would do anything to have that Robinson jersey with "Today" on the front.
  • Vieira is like an undersized Jamal Crawford with better defensive instincts.
  • Nate doesn't do his full ball-around-the-waist routine on his free throw attempt. That's why he missed it.
  • We've heard about the Tim Donaghy scandal, but Bennett Salvatore let Vieira attempt two technical free throws. Something isn't right there.
  • Even against a sizable Tropics frontcourt, Eddy Curry got zero minutes.
  • UPDATE: I'm surprised nobody started a "Fire Isiah" chant in the crowd.
That's all for now. Real game coming later tonight. Peace.

(Tip of the hat to Will Brinson at the Fanhouse)