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Knicks 113, Bobcats 89

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Knicks basketball: where unpredictable happens. Was that the Knicks beating a less talented squad by moving the ball and playing active defense? Who coulda seen that shit coming? In one of maybe 2 games this year in which I was absolutely sure the Knicks would win, New York disposed of the injury-riddled Bobcats by a margin of 24 points. Game notes:

  • Eddy Curry came out a little cold from the field, but looked very active in the first quarter. He blocked a couple shots, grabbed some rebounds, and generally carried himself like he gave a shit. I wrote in my notes, "if you want minutes, play like a big man", and expected him to be back. Not so much. Curry finished with just 16 minutes. I'm not placing judgment, but against a team with two legit 7-footers in its starting lineup, that's not a matchup move by Isiah. That's preference for David Lee. Which would be great, if he would just admit it.
  • On Curry's 3 missed FG attempts, John Andariese made a decent point. Eddy shoots with fear of getting blocked, and looks like he's lofting the ball out of reach rather than taking the most direct route to the rim.
  • "Johnny Obvious" wasn't so wise for the rest of the night. My favorite line: "Deflection...I love that word."
  • In an advertisement for Knicks Bowl 9 (which looks like a lot of fun), Renaldo Balkman was seen celebrating a strike with the "Goo Punch" dance. People who get that reference are the most prized citizens of P&T.
  • Jermareo Davidson is the lovechild of Shannon Brown and the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth.
  • Luca in the house! The Garden's resident courtside rugrat was in attendance and enjoying himself. They just don't lose when he's on the sideline.
  • As someone who prides himself on answering the Nissan Trivia Question, I hate this multiple choice shit where you text in your vote. Completely takes the fun out of it.
  • The Cats were already playing without Gerald Wallace, and were further depleted when Jason Richardson got a Nate Robinson thumb to the eye. You knew it was bad because he let out a cry like a wounded puppy.
  • You rarely get to say this with the Knicks, but Jared Jeffries truly posterized Nazr Mohammed.
  • Jamal Crawford had two near highlights. First, he did a little shake-and-bake and rocketed a one hand pass to Randolph from halfcourt. Z-Bo got fouled and couldn't finish it. Later, Jamal attempted the off-the-backboard dunk we haven't seen since '06. The one-hand stuff just rimmed out.
  • The game's turning point was a 15-point run to end the second quarter that may have been the cleanest, most efficient run of Knicks basketball I've seen this year.
  • Kevin Bacon was featured in Jill Martin's "Gimme a Minute" and I can confirm that he's as creepy in real life as he is in movies.
  • Highlight of the night: Nate posting up Earl Boykins and shooting a big man's turnaround jumper. Awesome.

Individual Performances

  • Nate Robinson gave us a solid point guard performance with 22 points on 9-18, six assists, and two steals.
  • Jamal Crawford had a quiet 20 and 5.
  • Quentin Richardson played pretty nice D and finished with 17 points and 6 boards.
  • 18 and 8 for Z-Bo.
  • David Lee had only 4 points, but violently gobbled up 14 rebounds in 30 minutes.
Anyway, fantastic job all around. This doesn't exactly translate to lottery picks, but it's nice to see the Knicks log a good effort and get results. Next game is on Friday in Atlanta. Peace.