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Friday Siamangs

We've got a game tonight, but let's get to a few news stories in advance...

  • Our friend JoshL got to this in the diaries, but if you haven't heard, Marc Berman is reporting that Stephon Marbury has been banned from the Garden. Our source here is a "Marbury confidant" (which could very well be his mailman, knowing the Post) who claims that Steph has been told not to attend home games and not to speak to media. Doubts aside, I think it's unlikely that we'll ever see Marbury in a Knick jersey again. Of course I've said that before...
  • More from the Post: Kiki Vandeweghe denies any prospect of taking the Knicks GM job. Apparently, Vandeweghe is denying that he ever attended a movie with Steve Mills. And if they did, they surely didn't sit next to each other and play a little tonsil hockey in the dark. And if they did, he surely didn't let Mills grab some boob. And if he did, he definitely didn't enjoy it. All I'm saying is, when it comes to Knick rumors, trust nobody.
  • The siamang is a huge gibbon with a throat pouch that can inflate to the size of its head. Not unlike Randolph Morris.
  • Why would we sign Tyronn Lue? It's not like filling the point guard hole with Lue would push us over the edge and into the playoffs. Let Nate spin and log some minutes as the distributor. It'll be much better in the long run. The Knicks are way too far gone right now to be patching holes.
  • If you were on the team last year, you pretty much lived in fear of getting accidentally strangled by Kelvin Cato's cock.
  • Not really Knicks-related, but those of you who were here over the summer know that I developed a mini-obsession with Morris Almond. Well, now Mo Nuts has got some beef with my favorite blogger ever and I don't know what to do.
That's all for now, kids. Game thread coming later. Peace.