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Sonics 86, Knicks 85

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

In the spirit of last night's game, I just deleted my entire recap. Let's try this again. The Knicks finished their road trip in fitting fashion, shitting away a winnable game with boneheaded play in crunch time. Game notes:

  • Mike Crispino was doing the play-by-play last night. That's usually a bad sign, but even he couldn't find anything to yell about.
  • Crispino revealed that the flu-stricken Quentin Richardson had "had a hard time keeping any food down" yesterday. Thanks, Mike. My game-viewing experience was totally improved by that image of Quentin Richardson taking a shit. MSG managed to cut him off before he added that Eddy Curry was still unavailable because he'd defecated an entire typewriter.
  • As you've surely heard, this was a homecoming for Nate and Jamal. MSG rolled footage of the two (Jamal wearing #23, Nate in cornrows) exchanging alley-oops at Rainier Beach HS, and some of the Robinson family was in attendance. Nate's two sons are adorable.
  • I wish this guy could've seen Malik Rose yank hard on Chris Wilcox's jersey in lieu of contesting his shot last night. What a guy.
  • Wilson Chandler (in an interview conducted by Nate Robinson) picked the Patriots to win 21-14. That's a fucking stupid score to pick, but what if he's right? Are you prepared to live in a world in which Wilson Chandler is a soothsayer?
  • MSG has had clock issues before, but I've never seen 8 seconds still left on the TV scoreboard when the halftime buzzer sounds.
  • Bizarre sidenote: Jason Collins played for the Nets last night because of some strange situation in trade to Memphis. If I were him (thank god I'm not), I'd take the opportunity to jack up 30-foot baby hooks and attempt at least one slip 'n' slide.
  • Yet another reason I don't miss Channing Frye: "Sometimes dinner was just crackers". David Lee does the Garden of Dreams commercials now with much more success and much less difficulty delivering lines.
  • At one point Clyde mistakenly referred to Nick Collison as "Nick the Quick". Well, I assume it was a mistake. I guess I haven't seen Nick Van Exel recently. It's possible that Collison has now surpassed Van Exel in terms of quickness. Nick Van Exel, if you're somewhere reading this and you're 400 pounds and miserable, put down the fork. You can get your title back. I have faith.
  • The rebounding differential in this one was absolutely preposterous. I'm pretty sure me, my parents, my little brother, and my dog could've managed more than 34 rebounds to the Sonics' 55. Nevermind the fact that my dog is a 7'5'' Senegalese labrador retriever.
  • Clyde called Luke Ridnour a "gadfly". I have no idea if that's a compliment.
  • Now that I think about it, Nick Young is probably the quickest Nick. I take it back, Van Exel. You've got no hope. Go ahead and finish that lasagna.
  • I love David Lee, but the man needs to get a hand up.
  • The last possession of the game was despicable. Randolph received the ball, stood still for 10 seconds until a double came, and then kicked it out to Nate, who had to chuck an off-balance three as time expired. This was out of a timeout. Awful.
  • Final note: the Sonics won a professional basketball game by shooting 39.5% from the field.
That's all I got for now, kids. Enjoy the Super Bowl. If you're a Giants fan, my heart is with you. Check out Big Blue View and Pats Pulpit for SB coverage. Get them W's!