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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers- 2-4-08

Aloha. I've gotta boogie, but the Clippers are in town tonight to face the Knicks. I won't be around for much of the game, so I'm hoping one of you can pen up a recap for the rest of us. Two other thoughts that are unrelated:

  • I can't wait for Brandon Jacobs et al. to show up to a Knicks game. I'm sure they'll all come together and I'm sure the standing O will be a chilling reminder of just how awesome the Garden crowd can be when presented with a winner.
  • What if the Giants win a couple more Super Bowls? Giants+Dynasty= Ginasty. You heard it here first.
Anyway, Knicks-Clips. Check out Clips Nation for some SBN Clipper perspective. Woot. Get them W's.

By the way, in the above video, the "he" is in reference to Shaq, and Marko Jaric's command of English/sense of humor is strikingly bad. Actually, so is Chris Kaman's.