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We too will be good someday.

The theme of the day in the NY media is comparing the Giants' success to the Knicks' incompetence. I suppose it's natural to do so, and it's certainly the source of some really creative headlines.

To be fair, it's a connection I think we're all making. I'm not a real Giants fan, but bearing witness to the blissful disbelief of a lot of my friends is compelling. The fact is, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere. There has to be. It's just impossible for a franchise to be this miserable for very long. It's a refreshing exercise to remind oneself that the Knicks will eventually be contenders again. There may very well be a championship in your or my lifetime.

What's the first thing we have to look forward to? Well, I think the day that James Dolan is no longer this team's princess of an owner might be the spiritual experience nearest to emancipation I'll ever feel. Maybe that divine toppling will mark the beginning. Maybe it'll come before. I can't even guess how easy or how soon any of this will be, but I can say that it's going to happen.

Keep the faith.